As a PR major-turned-graphic designer, writing and storytelling are in my DNA. It just so happens I've spent the last 13 years bringing that skill to life in the visual form for small businesses and Fortune 1000 companies. That communications foundation grounds everything I do and brings added value to all that I design. My career has been defined by never being “one thing.” and always challenging myself to evolve, add new skills and get to the decision-making table to understand how and why things are done.

Early Career
I began my career as a graphic designer in marketing roles and as an independent freelancer, eventually moving into a full-time contracting role at the in-house studio at Creatis where I was exposed to a spectrum of corporate brands and learned to quickly adopt brand guidelines. This is also where I discovered my niche as a presentation designer, which would lead me to my corporate arch. Where other designers wouldn’t touch PowerPoint with a 10-foot pole, I quickly became our go-to expert.

The Corporate Arch
At Allianz Life I was our in-house presentation guru, attending presentation conferences to hone my craft, creating our corporate template from scratch, helping to train employees on how to use it, and designing everything from sales presentations to executive thought-leadership presentations, including several for our CEOs.

I moved on to Deluxe as part of the team tasked with changing perceptions of a 100-year-old company. I had the unique opportunity to work on the groundbreaking content marketing campaign, Small Business Revolution, a series showcasing marketing makeovers for small businesses around the country, distributed on Hulu and Prime Video and featuring marketing guru Amanda Brinkman and TV stars Robert Herjavec and Ty Pennington. As the brand director I was instrumental in building the campaign from the ground up: the branding, photography, content and marketing. For the broader company, I served a key role in the enterprise brand strategy and led the company through two different rounds of re-branding efforts during my tenure.

A trifecta of skills, at your service
After 5 years of helping small businesses market themselves at Deluxe, I decided to open my own shop. Now, I get to leverage a decade of experience in Corporate America, but I get to work with a variety of awesome brands putting my unique trifecta of skills to work: strategy, design and communications. Just a few of the ways I’ve helped brands:

  • Develop an engaging strategy, then bring it to life with eye-catching design and a compelling message

  • Craft a story, then design a stunning presentation to help you deliver it

  • Manage creative projects to completion, while bringing strategic insights to the table

On the personal side
I live in the Southeast suburbs of the Twin Cities of Minnesota with my husband (who also has his own business!), and my two young boys. I love lazy weekend mornings, doing projects on my home and spend too much time on Instagram.

I grew up and attended high school in Lakeville, Minnesota, and graduated from the University of St. Thomas with cum laude honors.