How can I help you? 


Presentation Design

For many, PowerPoint is the last place you want to be killing your time; luckily, that’s precisely where I love spending mine! When looking for presentation help, generally there are technical PowerPoint experts and there are great designers. Not often do you find those skillsets in one person – but that’s exactly where I fit. And, I’ll make sure your messaging is crisp and and free of grammar and spelling mistakes, too.


Formatting Clean-up

For those classic corporate “reading decks” we can clean up the formatting, make your charts pretty, and clean up the Master Slides so they’re not adding unnecessary bulk to your file size.

Design Help

For decks bear more weight, whether an internal or external presentation, crisp visuals matter for telling your story. We can replace clip art and those stolen Google images with something more memorable.

A Story from Scratch

Getting up in front of a big crowd? Perhaps you’re a keynote (a.k.a. kind of a big deal). You’ve got a message, but how do you make it a story? And how will visuals enhance that story, not detract? Let’s storyboard together.

Branded Templates

Got a brand? Need a PowerPoint template? There's a right way and wrong way to do this. Hire someone who knows how to do it right and you'll thank me later!


Graphic Design

It can be as small as a banner ad or as big as a billboard, but no matter the size, DESIGN MATTERS. And it takes time and thought. Not only can I help you design the piece just right, I’ll advise on the messaging to make sure your piece gets you the most bang for the buck, and grammar- and spell-checked, too.


Your brand should shine through, no matter the platform. Today, your digital presence is your most-seen channel. I can help you bring it to life on your social platforms, banner ads, you name it.

Logo + brand identity systems

Whether you’re a start up or in the market for a refresh, you need a crisp, modern brand that’s flexible enough to see you through all the channels where your brand will show up.


Sell sheets, print ads, billboards – you name it, I’ve done it. We’ll talk through your goal and develop the visual and messaging to help you achieve it.


A regular newsletter is a great excuse to stay in touch and top of mind of your client and prospect list. I can make sure your template looks professional and legit.


Consulting Services

Whether you’re a bigger company short on hands or a small business needing someone marketing-minded at the table, sometimes it’s not just design that needs getting done – it’s the stuff that comes before that and after that. The strategy. The execution. The writing. As a strategic leader on the corporate side, these are the things I did everyday, and now I can put that experience to work for you.


Brand + marketing strategy

One-off tactics only get you so far and can leave you feeling constantly behind the ball. I can help you build a strategy that helps you achieved your business goals.

SOCIAL MEDIA strategy + management

There are a lot of social channels out there, but do you know which ones are best for what? I can help you lay out your strategy and handle day-to-day execution as well.

WRITING + Communications

Any marketing tactic is only as good as its messaging. I can help you craft words that will have the most impact and ensure you look professional in the process.

project Leadership

More than just a paper pusher, I can add strategic value while seeing a project from start to finish. Whether it is internal- or external-facing, I’ll do it with grace and a smile.

Digital Support

Don’t want to monkey with updating your Wordpress or Squarespace website? Have no interest in dealing with MailChimp? Let me manage your ongoing updates and content so you can do you.