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Amanda Brinkman is a brand revolutionary, prominent leader in the marketing industry, and sought-after public speaker. She passionately believes that all brands can make a meaningful impact on their communities, while making a transformative impact on their own bottom line. Through a successful career spanning the world’s leading creative agencies and corporations, Amanda has proven the power of her “marketing for good” mantra, time and again.

As the creator, producer and star of the acclaimed “Small Business Revolution” series, she tours the country sharing the case study for this mantra. The groundbreaking content marketing campaign is at once a brand awareness campaign and a content engine for Deluxe. Each season a handful of small businesses in a new small town get a life-changing marketing makeover and the transformations are captured in the original series produced by Deluxe and distributed on mainstream platforms such as Hulu and Prime Video.

ash Design + Marketing has been Amanda’s presentation designer of record, helping her storyboard her case study into a compelling presentation she’s taken on the road to share at industry events across the country.